Lady Danger Dupe

May 12, 2015

So I don't know about you guys but I'm a lover of a good dupe! Recently I discovered a dupe that I honestly would have never put together...EVER. Let's start from the beginning a few week's ago I made a daring move and finally bought Lady Danger by Mac, after so long I took the plunge and it was worth it. I became obsessed with it, it's the prefect shade of red for me its bright with that tint of orange running though it and I dig that. Now a week or so back I was very sleepy doing my make-up for work when I took this Bourjois lipstick out and as I was applying I was like no not Lady Danger I want just a simple red. I was so shocked to discover that it wasn't my Mac it was one of the Bourjois Rouge Edition in the shade Rouge Buzz (10).
I can't explain to you guys how similar these bad boys are they have very similar formals and sit on the lips very nice with just a sheer glow. It gives the lips a prefect boost for the upcoming Summer weather, it's one of my favourite looks for the Summer months.

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