Life's a Peach

May 14, 2015

For the past month or two now I have found myself reaching time and time again for only two blush's in my make-up collection. I picked them both up when I was on my travels in London and as it's so hard to get our hands on Sleek in Ireland I took the opportunity on grabbing the two that caught my eye. As you can see these both are two bold outstanding colours, I have trying out a range of Sleek products lately and I have been enjoying using as these blush's didn't disappoint. I understand that not everyone is a lover of bold cheeks and I will stand up and agree and as these blush's have such a striking colour you would think they make you look almost like a clown. But I ensure you they have the most prefect everlasting pigment that makes your cheeks just shine. I picked "Rose Gold" due to the fact of the slight bits of glitter that when applied to the cheeks acts as a highlighter and a blush, who doesn't love a 2in1? And well "life's a peach" who couldn't love a bright pop of colour coming into these Summer months. 
Sleek have been known now to have great products at great prices and while trying out a range of there product's I have found that they are amazing quality at a great price. I'm still on the hunt for more as I want to test out the whole range as I have been so impressed with these ones.

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  1. I'm not a fan of shimmer or glitter in blush because of my oily skin. However I do love a highly pigmented peach blush because of my darker skin it blends in perfectly for a natural looking flush.

  2. Yeah they really amazing for the price tag I would highly recommend them!


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