Summer Wish List

May 22, 2015

Today's post is a little different I have  had a little sit down and looked on the internet at all the things that have been catching my eye recently and put them in to one giant post. I deiced it to put it in three different sections just because I found many nice things I would like to have in my life. This took me a while because I was picking things and then I saw something better and it just got very stressful but I manged to boil it all down to these few items. I have linked everything below each item that I need in my life in case you also feel like  you must have it in your life too. There has been one or two new brands that I have found I am completely in love with, like  Lyla Loves collection of Jewelry  I mean its amazing, its been a long time since I have come across so many pieces I couldn't help adding into my basket also have been loving websites that bring all make-up together like 10 cloud beauty and Zest Beauty (Can Not Get Enough)  I wanna know whats on your wish list and what has been catching your eye lately for me Topshop has been on point with all there clothing I seriously can't get enough.

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