The Rise Of Alex and Ani

May 7, 2015

If you guys watch my videos then you will know that I recently did a What I Got For My Birthday, as I recently just turned eighteen! With such a big mile stone in my life I received some amazing presents from my friends and family. Among them I was so excited to receive some of the Bracelets from the  Alex and Ani collection. lately these bracelets have taken on a storm among the media and everyone seems to want to get there hands on them, I was lucky enough to get two! These are the first bracelets that I have actually worn in a long time as I was never a fan of them as I could never find something that really suited my style but then again these bracelets are so simple and effect less. I love all things to do with jewellery but tend to stay to quite simple and dainty things and these hit the spot. I am a huge fan of anything that involves my birthstone as I feel it's a very personal gift to give to someone. I have loved wearing these both together as they both complement each other in the most beautiful way. I would highly recommend these as a gift for anyone that be your mother, girlfriend or just your best friend, I feel these will make any event special.

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