Boot's Haul

June 8, 2015

So I went and did a little bit of shopping in Boot's....yes I know it looks like a lot but I swear I got a good deal, or so I keep telling myself. There has been so many things lately that I just need in my life and of course the one time I actually go to buy them they didn't have my shade or just didn't have what I wanted. Maybe it's a good thing they didn't have everything because it would have made my bank account very unhappy!

I have always had a love for Boot's own range skin care and one thing I can't help my self with is face masks. I tend to use face masks twice a week just to give my skin a deep cleanse and renew it back to life. I picked up two classic ones one being a tea tree peel off mask which is meant to tighten pores and remove black heads and the other a clay mask which is meant to draw out any bad toxic in your skin.

What's a trip to Boot's without walking down the hair care row. Now you might be looking at me like I'm crazy and yes I am completely aware that I don't have blonde hair I really am but you might know that I am going to have my hair transformed in the next two weeks and maybe by these products you might have a small hint on what it might be. Now I have been a lover of John Frieda for a very long time so when I heard raving reviews on these products I really couldn't resits it and as for the serum I thought I would try this small one out as a test run just to see if I see and great difference.

Well for body I don't really shop in Boot's for it as I use Lush body wash's and I am lover of the Vaseline moisturizer. But as the Summer is soon to begin I can't help but try bronze up my body in some way. I am not a fan of tanning as my pale skin just looks funny when it turns me orange. So when I saw this Garnier lotion that will build up as a tan I thought I would go for light seeing as I am as white as well white!

Now what would a trip to Boot's be without picking up some make-up surely it would be a sin. Now it has becoming easier to get your hold of Sleek in Ireland and I have never been happier as I am a huge fan of the brand. I picked up two products that I have tried before and loved. I really have been loving the blush's that Sleek make as number one they are quality for such a great price, they come in such a range of colours that I thought I just have to get my hands on all of them! As for the Matt Me lip creams WOW, they have blown me away I really just love them they have such a incredible pigment and staying power that there really isn't much to love!


  1. I have that Sleek blush just remembered, must get it out and start using it again! Loved it xx

  2. You must its become one of my all time favourites! x


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