Hiding Under a Tree

June 6, 2015

Today started off bright and early with a trip to a Spanish market, I love markets ever since I was a child my mam and dad had bought me to them every where we went. This one had a mix of everything from bags to shoes to meat and of course a case of strawberry's that only cost €1 that were amazing. Today isn't as hot as the last few days which made it easier to roam from stall to stall until you finally reached the end, for a while I honestly thought it was endless. I didn't pick much up because I have penalty of time here so I wanna look around before I buy. I went again for comfort over style yet again, with my Primark knitted top that I got last year for only €3 its huge because I bought it in 10 sizes to big,,,no joke! I have my daisy bando from Forever 21 under it paired with these Topshop shorts that I got around six years ago....again no joke. I have my white sandles from mango and my black back pack from Primark as usual today just because they work with everything. I would also like to add that those churros were amazing!!

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