Primark Can Do No Wrong

June 2, 2015

So let me start off by saying I know these photos are not the best but I was limited to light and back grounds. But I had to show you guys what I got today on my travels, popped into Primark just for a moment not even for myself my boyfriend had to return something but as you I couldn't help myself wondering around picking stuff up as I went along. I got a few bits and bobs sunglasses and other small pieces for my holidays it wasn't till I reached the make up section in Primark that I fell in love. I needed a new liquid eye liner pen, I use the Soap and Glory cat eye pen but lately have been feeling it wasn't doing its job any more and when I saw this one for only €2 I couldn't help myself and sure if its bad its not a lost too much on it. I noticed they had a range of cream blushes and I really couldn't help myself from just grabbing one, I have heard so much about cream blushes and thought why not try one. I thought it was only €2.50, like less then a fiver for a cream blush that has a super cute colour to it, but things got better when I went to the till and to my amazement found out it been reduced down to only 50 cent!! How crazy is that 50 cent for a cream blush where could you go wrong like seriously, bargain buying at its finest! Last but not least my eye was caught by a new brand that I hadn't seen before and it was called  "Beautiful Bronze " and I remembered hearing about it on the Morning Show that it had been newly launched. They had a few pretty things but what caught my eye the most had to be this cream high lighter stick wow I mean wow. Its very like the glow stick that Topshop do and Nars and at only €3.50 I couldn't help myself. Unfortunately this is the point where my boyfriend dragged me away after standing in the beauty section for over half an hour he started to feel a tad board, maybe its a good thing he dragged me away while he did because I had my eye on a few other things. 
Lets just do a quick recap three items for €6 yeah I said it €6! Now you guys no why I had to show you, if you are like me and budget beauty gets you very excited then check out the whole P.S Love range from Primark it will eat your heart out.

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  1. Never tried Primark's beauty range, must try!!


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