Retreat in the Sun

June 19, 2015

First off before we begin I'm writing this post watching PLL (Pretty Little Liars) so this post took me like five times longer then usual. Guys just a brief note before we start if you don't watch Pretty Little Liars then you must, I mean wow this show has been blowing my mind for the last 3 months, yes I have done nearly six seasons in under three months. Its that good, really! So on to the outfit today is like so hot and windy that I deiced to retreat and watch PLL, but that doesn't mean I wasn't gonna whip out some shorts and try look half decent. As I said I'm wearing these TopShop navy shorts with cream love hearts on them that no joke I got for my conformation way back in 2009, yes 2009 that's how long I have been rocking these bad boys! Paired with it I have a little top from TopShop and as always my Mango white sandals and my Primark back pack. I know I wear those so often but when your away you really sometimes just want comfort over style and that's how I feel. 

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  1. Nice pics!!



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