Sleek Matt Me Lip Creams

June 12, 2015

If you haven't noticed I love all things to do with lips and of course Sleek. I have been raving about these Matt Me Lip Creams for so long now on my YouTube channel and for a good reason too. Let's begin with the colour of these bad boys, THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I have never come across something as pigmented as these bad boys, let me warn you though the brush is a little difficult to work with but after you get the hang of them they can be a piece of cake. So lets talk Matt because these guys will be so Matt and long lasting that they won't move from your lips, no matter how much you drink or eat. I know Sleek can be a little hard to get your hands on in Ireland but don't forget that you can always order online and it would be worth it as they come in under only €7, like where else would you get that kind of deal. I Know I have two very bold but I think these work better for a bold lip and also they are so hard to get hold of as every time I go there seems to be at least three colours sold out! EVERY TIME!
If you have tried these bad boys out comment below, I wanna know what you guys think of these as  I haven't heard anything about these Lip Creams.

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