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June 3, 2015

So you might have gotten a clue from the photos that I'm not at home, far from it actually. For the next six weeks I will be soaking up the sun in France and Spain while Ireland rains for the next three months. For a while now I felt all yucky but that all changed when I came here and the sun just brightened up everything, I'm not a huge fan of the sun but I can tell you after a year of Ireland's wet  weather I'm just happy its not raining. I thought I would share with you guys what I'll be wearing most days while I'm away. This is actually my first outfit of the day on my blog and I'm so excited to get it up. I've got my boyfriend taking my pictures hes hoping by the end of this six weeks he will be a trained photographer, we'll have to see about that one. As most of my outfit is from Primark and I also bought it all a year or two ago, that includes my bag, sandles and playsuit and my sunglasses are from last years Christmas Sale in River Island. I will say though Primark have some great new things in this season for the Summer months so I would recommend checking them out.


  1. Love the sunglasses x

  2. I knew picking them up was a good idea even if it was the middle of winter x

  3. Love the bag & sunglasses!

    Sarah xx

  4. Thanks it's just perfect for this time of year x


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