Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Brushes Safe

June 23, 2015

I see a lot of people asking how do people clean there brushes and I know you guys feel for a long time I couldn't wash them without damaging them. But I found a hack that I will never forget and it is baby shampoo. Now I know you might be looking at me like, Olivia what are you on about and yes I do know it sounds kinda crazy but trust me it works. All you got to do is place some hot water in the sink throw a good bit of any baby shampoo you like in and just swirl your brushes around in it and watch the dirt flow off them. I do it until the water is clear running out from the brushes. So I still haven't explained why the baby shampoo well its because baby shampoo is made for babies heads which are very sensitive so baby shampoos are made specially made to protect them and also to protect the hairs on your brushes and keep them from becoming damaged plus it keeps your brushes super sort and just makes it nicer to apply make-up to your skin.

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