Two Concealers One Job

June 28, 2015

So for a while I have been kinda obsessed with concealers, I don't know why but it has been helping me though some really lazy days. Two have stood out to me both I will point out from the drugstore and one a well known favourite of most YouTubers. Now I must say sorry for the over use of my Collection lasting perfection concealer, I use it every day and it has still has never failed me. I tend to use this more as a brightening highlight under the eyes to cover up all my dark circles and try just to uplift them a little, I have the lightest shade which for me is perfect for a highlighter.. As for the Bourjois healthy mix concealer this has to be the best concealer I have found for covering any imperfections that I might have around my face, even though I have the lightest shade it isn't too light it as it has a orange tone that really hides blemishes well. I always  us my concealer over my foundation to cover up any little bits that it hasn't covered, but if I'm having a really bad day I use just a little under it as well. I feel lately that with a good concealer you can improve any foundation, I find with these two as a combo it allows me to create a flawless base. Oh Don't forget concealers are always an amazing product for touching up any make-up to make it long lasting. I'm always interested in finding new concealers so pop a comment below if you have any good recommendations I can add to my collection.

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