When in Rome

June 17, 2015

So last night I headed out to this lovely night market, it contained everything from home made soap to feathered pens. I will admit that there is nothing I love more then a good market full of personal home made items that are just so unique, I happened to pick up a few presents along my travels though the market for friends and family as I just couldn't resist. As for my outfit I went for a very loud choice with these printed trousers from Lefties which is a shop in Spain where I picked them up last year and haven't stopped wearing since. I paired that with just a simple Primark knitted high neck top and a quilted jacket my mam got me around two years ago in the River Island Summer sale, and of course paired with my simple white sandals from Mango and my sunglasses and back pack are also from Primark. What is it about your holidays that you wear things that you would never usually wear I know for me I wouldn't even have thought of this outfit at home, well I guess when in Rome ( I think that's what it means ) 


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