I'm Blushing

July 31, 2015

So this one is a first for me, I took a chance before I went on my holidays on picking up a cream blush from Primark it was only fifty cent so I thought why not. Well I can tell you it was a great choice to pick it up, I tired it out on my holidays a lot and loved it and since I've been have found myself reaching for it more and more. I have been trying more and more P.S Love make up lately and have been loving it, like really they have amazing finds at cray prices! This was only fifty cent like come on you couldn't get a bag of crisps that price these days. I'm not too sure of the colour name on this one as I couldn't find one anywhere on the product but guys if you can find this then pick it up. I was a bit worried trying a cream blush but after I used it the first time I was hooked it was so easy to blend into my skin. I just rubbed my finger to place it on my cheeks and then used my damp beauty blender to blend it into my skin and gave the most flaw less natural look. What more can you ask for guys because I know I'm happy with this.

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