Let the Sun Shine

July 12, 2015

I’m going for a different kind of post today, I don’t know if it’s just because I’ve been soaking up the sun shine for around five weeks now but the sun really does make a difference. I’m not one for lying in the sun all day hoping to get some sort of tan but I do like feeling the sun beams on my skin and I’ve noticed I’m happier! Over the last few weeks I have picked up some sort of tan nothing to brag about but still a tan. I look healthier now that I’m not translucent, I also feel so much better walking along the street with a healthy glow. We all need a little victim D in our bones to wake us up and make us feel a little more alive! Before I came away I got my hair done a full head of balayage making my hair a shade lighter and ever since I have been here my hair has become at least two shades light as the sun acts as natural bleach. All in all the sun makes us happy; I know I’ve been counting the months until I was walking along the coast of France. What’s it about summer that brings the life back into people? Why do we crave the sun? All I know after spending over nine months of rain, snow and thunder storms I’m just glad that its not cloudy! I can safety say the last few week has made me more relaxed then I have felt this whole year.

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