Step Two to a Healthy Life

July 29, 2015

You might remember last week I wrote a post on how I took the first step to a healthier life style, if you missed that post then you can read it here. So a week has gone by and I am here to update you on my short journey, it went well I managed to keep away from fizzy drinks most of the time, there was one sneaky trip to the cinema where I kinda broke the rules. I have to say I do feel a lot better like I'm on the right pact, so this week I decided to step it up in a different direction. I went to my first spinning class last night and wow my legs have never been worked so hard in my life. I can ensure while I'm writing this blog post they are aching, I had a full body work out for just under an hour and it was amazing. I definitely will be returning next week and maybe if my legs have recovered might make a second trip this week, its not only important to eat well but see any results you got to work your body till it hurts! I am on the right track lets just hope next week goes as well as this one.


  1. Oh wow, I could not go to a spinning class! I only did short intervals one time in a circuit class, and I was almost sick ahahahaha.

    Kathryn |

  2. I'm so glad I went because even though it was tough i really did enjoy it x


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