Bigger and Better

August 14, 2015

You can thank me later with this one, I got yet another dupe for you and this one is pretty good! So I'm like every other girl I love a good palette and I love a good bargain so when these two things come to me in a small package it makes me very happy.  I've had bought of these palettes for a while but it wasn't until last week that I realised how similar these bought are. I got this Elizabeth Arden a while back I'm pretty sure it came in one of there blockbuster Christmas gift set way back then and I have loved it ever since it just creates the most prefect brown smoky eye, day to night there is nothing this can't do. Now lets flash forward six months and I buy the Soap and Glory Lid Stuff and also fell in love with it. Now as you can see from the photos the colours are very similar and I can tell you the price is another story. Lid Stuff comes at under €15 and we talking over €25 for the Elizabeth Arden and let me point out you get a lot more product for your buck with the Soap and Glory.
I love both of these products as they have amazing pigment and the staying power is what you want but with a price difference like that I think you know what product I'll be reaching for more, I'll leave the link down below if you haven't guessed.

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