Bright Eyes

August 4, 2015

Eye creams have always been a bit of  hard thing for me to find because most of them say "anti aging" and to be honest I'm a bit too young to be trying to get rid of wrinkles that aren't even there. I also read some where that by applying any anti aging items to a face that is under the age of 30 could actually do more harm then good. I picked this brightening eye cream way back in February when I was in London, I noticed it was on sale for under £3 and thought what the hell, what was I to lose. I can tell you guys I won with this product, I really did notice a difference after a few weeks of using this. It helped me fade away some of my black bags that have been building up after sleepless nights. Superdrug have been bang on with there own brand products before and this one lives up to that statement. I know for a fact that I won't be spending big bucks on any eye cream soon after using this, cheap and cheer full that's how I like to roll!


  1. I may have to pick this up next time I'm in superdrug, I've been looking for an eye cream for a while to help with dark circles (bain of my life) but almost all I've come across are so expensive. Thank you for sharing this : )

    Kathryn |

  2. Trust me it's the best fiver you will ever spend x


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