Brows on Point

August 31, 2015

So lets talk eyebrows I personally was never really a big fan of filling in my eyebrows and didn't really see any difference but that as because I was doing it wrong. I know you probably have heard all about the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz, its all the blogging community have been talking about and when there is a lot of hype about a product usually comes out the dupes. So I went for the dupe to see what I was getting myself into and I was shocked how much it transformed my brows. Now I will admit the Soap and Glory Archery doesn't have as many shades and it can be a little difficult to pick the one for you out of four very similar shades but I managed to do it. There is a slight difference this comes with a wax end and a pen but the brow wiz only has the wax end and the other a brow brush. I have been matching my archery with some cheap Collection clear mascara because it does the job with out spending a fortune on something so simple. I would highly recommend the archery over the brow wiz firstly because its kinda hard to get your hands on the brow wiz in Ireland unless you order if from the UK plus there is a huge price gap between both of the products. All I know ever since I have been using this my brows have been looking pretty dam good may I say so myself.


  1. I absolutely love your blog! It's amazing!! I saw that you're long listed for the youth award, congrats! I am too!! i've followed you on bloglovin and subbed on YouTube! xx

  2. Oh thank you so much its so nice to hear that you guys like reading it x


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