Hang on How Old Are You

August 17, 2015

So these days I've been finding that a lot of young people are growing up to early. It came to me after me and a few friends were talking about Kylie Jenner as you do, she is a hot topic these days. We found it pretty funny at the fact I was older then the youngest Jenner. I then started to think why has society made it necessary for girls at the age of seventeen and eighteen that they have to look like girls like the Jenner girls that we all must have a Mac lipstick and we must know how to master the smoky eye. I love makeup, clothes everything to do with them I love, I have from a young age but even so I find it almost wrong that we must live up to society's demands. I don't think its right for girls younger then fifth teen  wearing a full face of make up to the cinema while I'm going with day old hair up and  in some sweats. Lately people feel the need to impress everyday but you don't, I'm eighteen and I'm in no rush to grow up. I know the media play a huge role on our lives but I think we should sit back and look around because I don't see anyone under the age of seventeen looking like Kylie Jenner. We all need to sit back and relax one day we will be able to drive and do all those amazing things we see the celebrities doing but for the time being we need to take the back seat and grow up in our own personal time.

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