Let's Talk School

August 12, 2015

I never talk about school on my blog but I decided I would start because we all know Summer is coming to a close and you what that means the back to school rush begins! I'm not gonna lie I'm really not looking forward to returning back, me and school never have really got on. Especially as this is a huge year for me as I am entering into my last year of school and the more it comes to a close its becoming harder and harder to choose what I want to be. I remember the days as a little girl when I used to dream of becoming a marine biologist, I had this big dream and it seems the older I've got the smaller my dreams become. The stress of school has beaten out all my dreams as I am always trying to improve my grades be better, but for what? I think I might start a series on how I deal with school life as I know how it feels to have pressure coming from left right and center to be your best, the weird thing is most of that stress comes from myself! Everyone feels different about school some people love it other hate it seeing as I've felt both ways about it I thought I would do a post every now again just talking about my experiences so far trust me I got a lot. For some reason this took me a while to write because I didn't no what to write what to share, but now I've started this I think I will find it easier and easier each time to share with you.


  1. I can totally relate to this I'm in my last year at school as well it's so scary the pressure and figuring out ur life!! really love ur blog xx

  2. Thank you so much, I think Im gonna write more posts about school in the next month or so x


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