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August 24, 2015


Olivia Fringed Aztec Festival Cape
- BooHoo -

Striped Poncho
-  TopShop - 

So this season it seems that ponchos are everywhere, they tried to creep in last Winter but got pushed to the side but this time they are staying this time around. Love them or hate them they are sticking around and expect to be seeing them all around the hughstreet for the next couple of months. It seems like this Winter will be a throw back into 70's with the range of denim mini skirts and block colour jumpers that the hughstreet have been releasing. I've been loving them I was a bit unsure at the start but now I am on board with this new trend. I thought I would start this new series on my blog were I talk about trends that we either love or hate. But today I want to know where are you on this new trend do you love or hate it? leave your comment below and we will see in the next post in the series how you guys feel about this new trend!


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