Should I Buy It

August 2, 2015

So like every girl I have a wish list filled up with all my beauty desires and the time has come for me finally bite the bullet and pick up some of the items I crushing over. Now the more I hear about these products the more I want it so watching YouTube videos day and night has really not been good for my bank balance. I have been fighting with my self for months on weather or not to buy Nars sheer glow, Nars Copacabana and the Bobbi Brown Full Face Brush. Now I know what your thinking they are pricey items and your right but I hear about them all the time! Which made me start thinking the blogging/vlogging world I have found lately to be speaking a lot of high end products rather then the drugstore. Now don't get me wrong I love all make up but there comes a point were you start to want way out of your price zone. With the love for high end products lately it has made girls feel like they have to buy Mac to achieve the flawless finish that any drugstore product can give you too. I have been trying to offer drugstore dupes for you guys lately so I can cater for all beauty lovers. I know some of us love our luxury products others just want a full face under fifty euro. If there is any product you would like me to find the dupe of just comment below I'm always on the hunt for a new challenge but don't worry I will still continue to blog about both high end and drug store products so don't worry!


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