Trends, Trends, Trends

August 9, 2015

Sometimes I feel like high street shops take advantage of trends, a Kardashian wears a brand of tan and the high street are all over jerking the price up by 100%. The worse thing is we buy it thinking we are getting a good deal but we really aren't! I have been loving a trend for a while now and its the whole crystal necklace vibe that's going around, I'm not gonna lie I die it! I was looking around trying to see what the price range was and I was shocked to see that the cheapest one was over €20, like guys it hangs off a rope! So I forgot about them went ahead on my travels to Spain and was walking though a lovely market one Sunday and found these two bad boys for only €8 each. I'm not gonna lie I was shocked that I was getting two for the price of one back home in Ireland and still getting change. I really love these two necklaces they add something different to jeans and t-shirt, its a trend that I jumped on board with just take my advice and look around before you buy.


  1. Love these, so pretty!

  2. Thanks, I have been loving them lately x


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