Boots/ Primark Haul #2

September 15, 2015

I have been doing a tad bit of shopping all over the place and while I made a trip to Dundrum I picked up a few new things that I have needed. If you saw my post about my new hair "Hair Take Two" then you know that I got a lot of blonde put in the bottom of my hair and I thought I would get some purple shampoos and condition to keep my hair maintained. So I picked up these Provoke shampoo and conditions and to make matter better Boots had a special offer which gave me a third off both of these products which only made them 2.99! I have used a few of there other products before and got on so well with them that I thought I would try a intensive vision of the touch of sliver range. I also ran out of my serum and was in need of another one quick before my skin noticed and I saw that this Botanics serum was half price which bought it down to only a fiver! So I was on a roll in boots picking up some great bargains so then I moved on to Primark just to have a look around. I had to pick up one of there euro candles that I really think are great value and the fact it smells amazing is a plus, then I made my way over to the makeup section and wow. I found something that I have been on the hunt for a while now and that was some eyeshadow sticks, these ones I found don't have any names so I went for two shades that I thought would work everyday and for night time too. Plus the great things about these are they are only 2.50 like come on how amazing is that?
Have you been picking up some new items if so I want to know so comment below!

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