How to Save Like a Pro

September 24, 2015

So if you like myself then you might have a little trouble saving, well I used to have this problem before I tried a few things that really helped me. I love that feeling when you save up enough to buy those new pair of shoes that you have had your eye on for the past month. I recently saved up for a Mac Book air and wow did that take some hard work! It took me a while to do it but I did with some of the following tips.

1. To get a idea of what I was spending week to week I got a little note book or sometimes I used my phone to keep track of what I was buying, if that was a bottle of coke I wrote it down. It allowed me to see exactly what I was spending my money on, turned out it was mostly food and cheeky trips to Eddie Rockets 🍔

2. Plan your week out and give yourself a budget, I usually go out once a week like out for dinner or to see a movie. So by planning in advance what your doing your able to leave your self enough money aside while you save the rest. 

3. Have a goal, I had a goal for my Mac Book I gave myself a year and I knew after that year of hard saving it would pay off!

4. Get a good money box and system! I picked up this tin money box which you can't open unless you open it with a tin opener, which is pretty good if your one to dip into your saving. What I started to do was on the first week put two euro in and the next four euro then six etc, you would be so surprised how much you will have after a few months!

5. Last but not least you got to be strong! Keep with it and you will be so happy with the results!


  1. Thanks for the tips! I am so bad at staying strong on saving money :D But I will try my hardest this time as I want my goals reach!


  2. I know it can be hard but in the long run its well worth it trust me! plus I hope to be doing another post on more saving tips x


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