Lets Get Organised

September 17, 2015

The new school year has just begun and I don't know about you but I think if you get orgainsed from the start it makes the year a little less bad. I have a few tips that I have for you to get you on track and make your life just a little bit easier. I also will be having  a blog post soon with saving tips for Christmas or even just something that you have had your on for a while now.

 - Let get started -

1 - keep your surroundings clean and tidy if your like me and spend a lot of in your room then its important to keep your room the way you like it, even if that means just adding some scented candles to make the place more relaxing. A trip to Ikea always helps me fight the room blues and get me excited to work in there again.

2 - If your like me and you loved coloured pens and cute notebooks then they should use them to keep all your notes, important dates and things to do inside them. Make them pretty so you will want to go back again and again to keeping your life orgainsed.

3 - If your still in school like myself and you get homework on a daily basis then I've got a little advice for you. Do it as it comes don't start leaving things to the last day get it done as soon as you get it and it just leaves you clear to do get more work done!

4 - I know everyone will say this but you seriously need to get enough sleep to get you though the day, on a school night I tend to fall asleep around 10 but on the weekend I stay up a bit later. I know going to bed early is a bit of a drag but seriously it will help you in the long run no one wants to be that person falling asleep in the back maths while your teacher screams at you, been there done that!

5 - The last thing is something I forget to even do a lot which is just keep positive keep looking forward and think that everything will be done and everything will be okay.

I hope you these five tips will help you a bit though the next 12 months!

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