My Night at the Ball

September 13, 2015

I went to the ball, Kinda! I went to my first ever debs a week back with my boyfriend and had a amazing time. If your not from Ireland and are a bit confused on what a debs is then its just a prom. I was so excited to get dressed up and have a great night with all my friends. I actually didn't take that many photos because I was living in the moment and just having so much fun being so dressed up and going out to a big party. I'm not gonna I did feel like a disney princess in my short white dress that I picked up from the Asos sale a while back for great price! I was thinking of doing a more detailed post on how to have a amazing night on a budget because thats what I did. I didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money on one night, so I did to a budget and ended up feeling amazing still dancing in my little dress not a care in the world, I even managed to stay in those heels until the early morning...impressed yet?

I would love to hear of your experience at the debs/prom, I just wanted to share with you some of the photos from the night before we get down to a new series that I will be introducing soon!

If you want to vote for my blog for the best youth blog award with the Irish blog awards I would seriously love if you guys could take some time to give me a vote.

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