Escaping The World

October 18, 2015

Sorry guys I have been lacking on posting this week I have just been up to my eye balls in stress and time just got away from me, but I'm back so don't worry for much longer. Have you ever felt that feeling when that you just have to get away, get away from everything around you. Well thats what I did last weekend, me and Luke headed up to Carlow to visit some of his family friends. I had an amazing time running around the farm getting fresh air and being able to look up at the sky and see all the stars and how bright they were. These simple things really made a difference, I was a lot more up beat and ready for the week ahead of me. It allowed me to clear my mind and just for once sit down and relax and not worry about what had to be done next and what homework do I have to do.  Taking the time out of your life to relax is what you need to keep your mind healthy and after this weekend I have really have learnt that.
Even if its taking a walk though the park or going for a day trip to the beach, try do it as often as you can to keep your mind working at a healthy rate.

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