How to Have a Stress Free Debs

October 4, 2015

Four different dress for amazing looks! I tend to find that people feel they all have to a long dress and wear heels and have your hair up and go the whole bang for the debs but seriously you don't! I headed to the debs this year and took it the less stress more success way.  I got my dress last minute on sale from asos, I saw it liked it bought it, simple as! I have a plan to do my makeup myself but then was offered a makeup by Bobbi Brown so I decided to let them make me pretty instead and hair, well I just wiped out my curling tong and BANG all done. Now I know this seems like the most important night of your life but for me its just another night out just your dressed completely out of the norm, so I have a few tips for you to do the debs pain free!

1. RELAX! its only one night, its not your wedding day so lets sit back and chill!

2. Don't feel the need to wear a long dress if your like me and feel more comforable in a short one then do that, you don't want to feel uncomfortable for the whole night just because you want to do what everyone else is doing.

3. Make a budget, if you have a budget then keep to it like I said this ain't your wedding and lets be honest your probably gonna be a bit to drunk to even remember what your wearing by nine o'clock.

4. Stick to one drink and don't forget to eat some food because girls its a very long night and you don't want to be dying half way into the night.

5. Think about your feet because girls I don't no about you but I can't hack the heels after a few hours. I recommend packing some fluffy socks so you can still hit the dance floor later in the night.

If you not sure what look you want to rock then check out the "Ultimate Guide for a Perfect & Unforgettable Debs" its an amazing ebook made by Fanny Crown that answers all the questions you might have also gives some great ideas on dress and suits. Be sure to check it out if your a bit panicked and not too sure what you want.

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