Detox Your Life - Week One

December 2, 2015

So guys it's coming up to Christmas we all know what that so much that you can hardly walk...don't lie I know I'm not the only one. I have decided that this year that ain't gonna happen I'm going to eat clean and mean in the month coming up to Christmas. You might no I'm in my final year of school and yes I'm stressed and yes I have a ton of work to do and yes I have piled on the weight due to snaking and just general emotional eating. So from today I'm starting to detox my body that means swapping tea with sugar to green tea and a ton of water. I'm going to take this week by week this month and don't worry I'll update you guys each week on how I'm getting on and what I'm adding on to my detox week after week. The goal of this detox is not for me lose weight its to feel better in my own skin and cut out all the sugar toxins I put into my body everyday.
Wish me luck guys!

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