Drugstore Jackpot

December 6, 2015

Guys I have a little secret to let you in on, so basically Pharmacies are were you find the jackpot of beauty items. If you didn't know I work in a pharmacy on the weekends and I honestly love working there, I feel great being able to pay for my myself for everything and has made me feel grown up. I got a tad off subject there anyway back to pharmacies..Oh yeah I was saying that you find some real jewels in your local pharmacy I'm telling you they have some amazing stuff and I picked up these three products from the pharmacy I work in. First off I got a contour palette, like guys how doesn't love a good contour palette I've given it a trial run and by god is it good and it was only six euro, Say what? Next I picked up a eyeshadow palette that contained six shades that are out of this world believe me they are amazing and I have been messing around with the shades and they are really to die for and at a whooping six euro as well where could you go wrong? To go with the contour palette I thought it was only right buy a higher to match and I fell in love with the sliver tones that this one gave off and guys it was only four euro, like how could you go wrong. I would definitely recommend these products for first time users of makeup or someone out their looking for a cheaper option because guys these tick all the boxes!  

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