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December 17, 2015

So guys a few weeks back I was contacted by GlassesShop to do a review of a pair of their glasses I was totally on board for this as I wear Prescription glasses and sometimes find it hard to find styles that I like and that suit my face shape. I loved the fact that I could get a cheap pair of glasses or sunglasses that are amazing quantity. I picked out the the Bloomington in the tortoise/green shade and guys do I love mine, they took around two weeks to arrive. The moment I opened mine I fell in love with them, I was a little scared they weren't going to be as good quailty as my Specssavers one but in fact they are better!! I just found them so easy to work around their website and ordering was a dream I order in my bed usually I would have to go to the local shopping centre and go though a big process. Guys I seriously recommend checking these guys out if your like me and you need prescription glasses then these are one to check out. Also don't think I've forgotten about you guys because I have a 50% discount code for you...yes I said 50%!!!!

Discount Code - GSHOT50

Check out GlassesShop - Here -


  1. I absolutely LOVE those glasses ! It's so difficult to find the perfect color and shape, I wear prescription glasses and have bought a few pairs of Chanel and Paul & Joe over the years but despite their price, they are not "that" good, I might try this brand if they deliver in France !

    Have a good day,


  2. yeah I'm pretty sure they deliver to France and I would totally take advantage of the 50% off because its a great deal and trust me there amazing quality at the right price.


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