I Got Pink Hair

December 3, 2015

So remember a while back I wanted to go blonde and was getting balayage in my hair in order to achieve that well...I decided YOLO in the hairdresser and went and got pink though my hair. I know completely random but I thought you no you only have pink hair once? I love it by the time this goes up it will probably be much more faded as I have learnt its a hard colour to keep in your hair but I love it honestly guys. I also go a few inches off the end of my hair as it was getting rough around the edges so I decided to just take the cut and get it up into a lob (A.KA LONG BOB) 
I got my hair done in StyleClub and did make it to their Instagram which I am very chuffed with myself for doing so. All in all I got new hair and guys I'm loving it x


  1. It looks absolutely amazing! Loving that lipstick colour too :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. Oh watch out for a review on it very soon!!


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