Meet Bertie 🐶

February 26, 2016


If you follow me on social media especially Instagram then you will know that for Christmas this year I got a very special gift. For months I had been annoying my parents about getting a second dog they were on board about the dog but the Pug part not so much. It took months of trying to pull my parents arms but finally we agreed that I would get my own pug for Christmas. I got him from a lady in West Meath and before you ask he's not a full pug he's 3/4 pug and 1/4 beagle but he has all the features of a real pug. After months of waiting I finally got my pug and I love him to bits I decided on the name Bertie, Bert for short and he has been a great addition to the Nash household. It's fair to say that you will seeing a lot more of Bertie over the next few months as I have been loving featuring him on my Instagram and Twitter.

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  1. He is so cute!!! Nice Post.

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