Day 1 - Amsterdam

July 6, 2016



So the trip I've been thinking about for six months has finally arived . Way back in December a group of friends and I decided to be brave and take on four capital European cities to explore and experience new and exciting things. Now it might surprise you that I'm writing this while sitting in my P.J's  in the smoking area of a hostel in Amsterdam, also I might add I've been awake nearly 24 hours straight. Our adventure began at 3:39am trying to get ready in the dark all went well because we did indeed make and survive our first day. It's been a crazy day in the first 20 minutes one of us even managed to break their phone. But overall our first day has been great as we have explored, got lost and explored some more (in that order) . I decided to start a travel diary to share with you what I'm up to and also to help anyone out there who wants to do inter railing around Europe on the cheap because overall that's my aim! To be honest I didn't think Amsterdam was going to be as beautiful as it is, so far I've been blown away by the culture and atmosphere that is ejected from people. The day has been so jacked filled with walking and discovering that I'm completely drained but dying to start a new day for more exploring. In my everyday diary I will be including my outfit of the day a spending list and just a general outline of what I've gotten up. I'm hoping to film some of our trip and make it into a giant vlog of just random snippets of our experiences.

- Outfit - 

Top - Zara 
Jeans - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Office
Bag - River Island
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters 

- Spending - 

Accommodation - €75
Drinks - €5
Lunch - €6.55
Dinner - €3.50
Sweets - €1
Bakery - €12


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