Day 2 - Amsterdam

July 8, 2016


So day two started off with a lie was much needed after spending 24hours awake. Waking up feeling refreshed really makes you wanna take on the world with a fist in the air screaming I can do it. Well today we had a lot to, first find a supermarket (found a lidi made my day) to feed our selfs and then off to discover the way "Heineken" is made as we marched to the "Heineken Experience". I have to put my hands in the air I was bit hesitant if it was gonna be good but I loved it. They whole factory was interactive which made the experience so much better as it allowed you to get involved. I must admit that my favourite part had to be the two free Heineken beer at the end of the tour! After all that was done we just wondered the city trying to find something to do it was safe to say that we found some ways to amuse ourself if it wasn't shopping it was eating. I wanted to wear something that I could walk around in comfortably (it was around 20 degrees) but I also just wanted to look stylist  . And after all is explored it was time to hit the town hard photos from this stage are really not great as most of them are out of focus or just general terrible photos of us trying to dance! 


Shoes - Office
Culottes - Zara
Top - Zara 
Bag - River Island
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters 


Heineken Tour - €16
Lidi - €2.13
Bakery - €7
Drinks - €9.80
Mc Donals - €4.20
Supermarket - €2


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