Day 3 - Amsterdam

July 10, 2016


So just as a side note I'm writing this in a train station at 4.20am waiting to board a train at 5:05am, I've been awake since 10am and I currently have four hours sleep on me, it's safe to say I've had an eventful day. So because we had to be out of our hostel by 10am, I fell out of bed at around 8:30am dragged myself to a shower and tried to be kinda worked. But something that didn't work was the fact that it rained and was cold all day and I was stuck in a dress. We dropped our bags off at the train station and went off to entertain ourselves for 16 hours. Yet again we did a lot of walking, exploring and slightly getting lost, most of the group went to see the Amsterdam dungeons but Luke and I decided to stay back get a coffee and wait for the Anne Frank museum to be open. Now I bet you think 16 hours is hard to burn but it's made a little easier when you wait for three hours in a queue just to get into Anne Frank's house. I think it was one of the best museums I've ever seen, it was a chilling experience but it allowed me to learn more of the impact world war 2 had on average people. By the time we had completed finished up in Anne's Franks house four and a halfs later it was time for dinner which meant run to supermarket to try find a little salad (yes I'm trying to be healthly on a holiday). Due to th fact we had hours to spare we decided to take a delightful stroll though the red light district, yes it is the weirdest place I've been and yes I kinda loved it! The vibe was amazing it was bright and entertaining and honestly a good laugh and a great final goodbye to Amsterdam. So now I'm still on the floor wondering how I've spent 16hours up running all day but it's safe to say it was amazing.


Dress - Primark
Jacket - Zara
Shoes - Office
Bag - River Island


Train - €2.90
Starbucks - €3.25
Coffee - €2.00
Dinner - € 5.20
Lunch - €2.80
Anne Frank House - €9
Bathroom - €1.70
Sweets - €6



  1. Lovely post.i like photos.i hope you had a great time there.Amesterdam sounds great xo

  2. Thanks a mill! Look out for my next post on how I felt about Amsterdam x


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