Day 6 - Berlin

July 21, 2016


Day 6 has arrived and we are still in Berlin, sadly the weather was not on our side as it rained on and off the whole day but managed to be very warm throughout. Today we decided to visit some famous land marks in Berlin like check point charlie and the jewish museum. It was a great send off to a beautiful stay in Berlin and I really did enjoy it. Because it was a traveling day we needed to fill our whole day with activities to keep our selfs busy as our train wasn't till 5am so its fair to say that we did a lot of walking! I will admit it wasn't my favourite city on the trip but look out for my "Berlin Experience" post to see why.


Dinner - €6.50
Jewish Museum - €3
The Tower - €16
Mc Donals - €4
Frozen Yogurt  - €5


Shoes - Office 
Playsuit - Penneys
Bag - River Island
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters
Hoodie - Misguided 


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