Day 8 - Prague

July 26, 2016


 After eight days of traveling its fair to say I am tired. It didn't help that its 40 degrees outside and I can barely walk without wanting to jump in a bath of ice. Today well I was being lazy and didn't want to do too much so I decided to go off and do a bit of exploring and shopping and siting in Starbucks trying to cool down. I was so surprised on how beautiful Prague was so it was a prefect idea for me to just stroll around and take some photos of the amazing buildings surrounding me. This was quite the lazy day I didn't even go out that night we had dinner and went home and juts chilled with a movie in our apartment. I know this sounds like a boring day but honestly after all the late nights and traveling it was nice to sit back and relax.


Starbucks - €5
Dinner - €11
Sephora - €16
Snacks - €10


Dress - TopShop
Shoes - Office
Sunglasses - Urban Outfitters


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