My Amsterdam Experience

July 15, 2016



If you have been following my inter railing travels then you will no that I first hit up the famous Amsterdam. I've decided that after city I'll write a review of what I thought and felt about the place and at the end I'll leave my top picks. I've wanted to go to Amsterdam to a very long time so it was a no brainier that we traveled to Amsterdam during our ten days of traveling. It's fair to say that Amsterdam is most famous for their "coffee shops" and being in with th spirt of all things new I did dappable in trying some (just a brownie) and honestly I didn't no what to expect like these "coffee shops" we're just so casually placed every where you go (seriously EVERYWHERE) it was actually kinda crazy! My first opinion of Amsterdam was it was just beautiful the buildings the lakes and just the people were very friendly. One thing I didn't think to expect was how expensive it was to eat and just do anything in general, I find Dublin to be on the pricy side sometimes  but nope Amsterdam has topped it. Like I actually paid €8.80 for a captain Morgan's and orange juice, like seriously guys that's a lot. I wasn't mad about the amount of super markets around just for picking up water or snacks bu they were hard to find and often a lot more expensive then at home. One thing that I notice a lot was that th service is very slow, it's not what I'm used to as Dublin can be a very fast running system but here that's not the case it's all so chill and relaxed that you will go hungry waiting on it to be ready. Overall guys I loved Amsterdam I was given a lot of advice about how to take care of myself while roaming the streets of Amsterdam and I took it on board and I stayed safe throughout my vist. Please do leave questions below in th comments and I will reply as soon as I can.


- Anne Frank's House -
- Red Light District -
- Heineken Tour -
- One Canal (they all look the same) -


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