Kylie Birthday Edition Matte Liquid Lipstick | Are They Worth the Hype?

August 26, 2016


So for months now the hype over Kylie Jenner Cosmetics has been blown up and after months of me longing to get them I decided to bite the bullet and purchase them! I thought the prefect time to buy them was during her birthday edition as she released six minis in a set and seeing as I wanted most of the colours in the set I thought it would be a great idea to buy the minis and try them out and see if I like them. So I ordered them the Monday they were released and the following Monday I woke up to see a package at my door, I was a bit scared when I opened the door as I was scared that I would have to pay customs and amazingly I didn't have to which was a great delight as I had already paid $14.95 on packaging. I couldn't help but tear them open and try them all out and to be honest I was disappointed when I first saw them as they were tiny not what I thought they would be at all. I convinced myself that it was okay cause when have I ever used up a whole lipstick. I swatched them all and feel in love they were so pigmented and just so smooth to apply that I honestly all of a sudden realised why everyone has been fan girling over these for months. I first feel in love with Dolce K wow this shade is just too amazing, it goes with my skin tone perfectly and honestly it just looks so flawless on. I thought I wouldn't be too fond of Kristen but I actually really like it and have been finding myself reaching for it more and more as I do my make up in the morning. I did find her new shade Leo to be a bit patchy and it didn't apply as well as the others but still all and all I really did enjoy it. I have to say i didn't have amazing hopes for these lipsticks but really they have blown my mind I have never tired a formal so smooth and forgiving on me before. I know I haven't tired the lip liners but to be honest I don't find they would make a big difference as I found the lasting power and pigment of the shades to just be prefect!

I will be buying the full sizes of some of the new Liquid lipsticks as honestly I really do feel they are worth the hype! Have you tired these out cause I wanna know leave your thoughts down in the comments below because I would love to know!

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