Becca Champagne Collection Splits - Review

October 3, 2016



Before I start I'm gonna give you a little background on Jaclyn Hill's Champagne collection. It all started back in July 2015 when she released her first highlighter with Becca Cosmetics called "Champagne Pop"its fair to say it took the beauty world by storm and became so popular it has become part of their permanent collection (its that good) Since Champagne Pop Jaclyn has kept her throne as hightlighter queen...a well deserved  title in my opinion. At the start the Summer of 2016 Jaclyn announced a expanded Champagne Collection which included a new highlighter called "Prosecco Pop" among other forms of the original Champagne pop. The collection got off to a bumpy start after the eyeshadow palette she released was recalled due to factory issues, unfortunately the bad press took away from the amazing "Prosecco Pop".

Now to the review, I've wanted Prosecco pop for ages after I got my hands on Champagne I felt Prosecco had to be as good. Unfortunately for a long time it was only sold in Sephora in the US. I wanted it even more when I saw that Becca had created limited edition spilt pans of the champagne and prosecco pop along with some of their best sold blushes, I was sold. I hunted online and found that Space NK was stocking I ran to town....SOLD OUT. I was so upset I hit google again hoping this time for some success and I was in luck. Cult Beauty which is a online beauty based company based in the UK had them in I ordered as fast as I could.  So it cost a whooping £32 which in euro around €37....I know I know its a lot of money but its limited edition (thats what I keep telling myself) it took around 4 working days to arrive and when it did it was well packaged so not breaks. I actually did a first Impression of this product on my YouTube which I will link down below!
so first can we all just look at that gold packaging and cry its so nice and expensive looking. When you open it you can see I have have processo pop and half pamplemousse. Right on first impressions both so beautiful I don't want to touch but the beauty junkie in me I had to touch them.
They are both so incredibly creamy and pigmented that I have no regrets at all!
These are both statement products that will steal the show of any makeup look!

I cant recommend the spilt pans enough, if you can you must try pick them up before they go forever!



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