ColourPop Unboxing and First Impressions

October 17, 2016

Now I have been known to impulse buy a lot and I have been at it again. A few weeks ago ColourPop announced they were offering free international delivery if you spent over $50 and sure I had to take that offer up. I have always wanted to buy stuff from ColourPop but I found that the delivery charge was way too much ($30 aint got time for that) but when it came to the time to sit down and order I came to a mind fart and couldn't think of what I wanted. I tend not to buy single eyeshadows just because I rather buy a palette that I can bring with me on the go so I thought I would try out some lipsticks and highlighters. Now the ColourPop lipsticks have become famous over the past few years especially their ultra matte liquid lipsticks  so I thought I would try a few out. I also heard via Youtube that their new highlighter range was out of this world and lately I've become a bit of a highlighter junkie so I had to pick up two of them too.

I'm still in the process of trying all the shades out and testing the highlighters so expect a more in dept review in the next few weeks, But I unboxed my order on my YouTube channel if you want to check out what I thought on first impressions.


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