It's Beginning to Seem Like Winter

October 21, 2016

So guys hands up if you love Autumn, cause I do! I'm gonna admit something that might be a bit controversial but I hate Summer, I said it! I just feel a lot more comfortable in a jumper and boots and  wearing a hat to cover my bed hair. I really just love wrapping myself walking though the streets kicking the leaves well thats on a dry day. Oh and this Autumn I have a feeling I'm gonna have a seriously love affair with hats and these jeans from Penneys/Primark, yes I know what your thinking these jeans couldn't of been only €19. But they were and they are honestly the best things I've bought because I actually love them so much! I don't no if its just me but Primark have definitely upped their game recently.

Comment down below what you have been loving so far into the new season!


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