How To Budget Like a Student

November 16, 2016

 So not to long ago as we know I started college a few months back and well its far to say its been a shock to the system. Ive stepped into a whole new way of living and it has been hard trying to adjust to the whole thing. The thing I have had the most trouble with is managing my cash and I happen to be a very lucky student who works a lot and lives a very nice lifestyle which does not conceits of baked beans. I thought I would share with you the top five things I have found useful when trying to budget my money.

1. The first thing that I would say is a must is bring a pack lunch. I know you might be thinking a roll and a drink only costs €3.50 but over a week that €17.50 and before you no it in your first month you have spent €70 on lunch. While you could go to Tesco and pick up some basics to supply lunch for €5 a week. Trust me you will save a bucket load the moment you start to bring your pack lunch.

2. Don't impulse go out, plan your week and budget how much you have for each night, I usual go out once to twice a week but I have it planned when I will. Don't forget to add the cost of taxis and that chipper that you need after crawling out of the club. On a good night I can go out for under €20.

3. Prinking is your best friend. If your not from Dublin you may not be aware of this term, it is very simple it is when one drinks before going out. The aim of this is to drink as much as you can so you don't have to buy drinks while out. Simple logic that works beautifully, this will for sure save you a few bob. 

4. Track on your phone what your spending your money on. I downloaded a app onto my phone called "Spending" which allows you to track how much your spending in a week. You can input what you have earns and it shows you the amount you have left to spend that week. Overall it allows you to see where you need to cut back on spending, for me I needed to stop spending money on eating out....I blame the new costa hot chocolates.

5. I really recommend trying to save a little bit each week, I know you probably have your fees paid for but the year goes fast and before long next years fees will be creeping around the corner. Wouldn't it be nice to think you have a little saved to help you next year. I know it might seem like a pain but trust me future you will be praising the ground you walked on.

These are simple tips that have honestly helped me out the past few months, its very easy as a student to see your money disappear so get on track and know how to handle your money. Before long you will be a pro!
Comment below if you guys have an tips, I would love to know what you guys do to save a bit of cash. 


  1. Oh my God, you remined me of my colledge years...I miss university so much... I didn't had to pay colledge fees because I had a scholarship but I was always pennyless anyways. Yeah, money are so hard to control in that period, there is always a new book that you need, a new jacket or a new bracelet, every now and then there is a drink you like to get with friends... oh, such beautiful moments...
    I'm following your blog because it seems very interesting, if you would like to check out my blog maybe we could folow each other every once in a while. Greetings!

  2. Oh thank you so much! I love checking out new blogs and having my blog list grow! I really hope you love my content coming up! x


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