Hydration is Key | Review

November 27, 2016

During the Winter months your skin is need of a lot of hydration as the air gets colder it drys out your skin. When your skin drys up it can make your makeup look very cakey and I find my foundation doesn't blend to well so during Winter I kick my moisturiser game up. Lately my skin has broken out since I gave up sugar and I don't no if its my skin just detoxing or my skin is not reacting to the season change too well. I have been trying to lash on every face mask I can to make it recover and it is slowly on the mend but I have found that my moisturiser has seriously helped a lot with its improvement. I have been using La Roche Posay Effaclar H face cream after my nights cleanse, the effaclar range is aimed for problem skin and I wouldn't say I have problem skin but I have been struggling lately so Ive been using this cream at night so it can work its wonders over night. I also wouldn't wear this during the day as its super thick and is very tacky on the skin but In saying that it does work so I over look all these efforts because it works very well, it also leaves my skin incredible smooth the next morning. Now after my morning cleanse I need something light but again something thats gonna leave my skin hydrated, seeing as my skin has been going though a war zone I need something natural to keep it balanced, Ive been using this moisturiser for a few weeks now since I got it sent to me by AA Skin Care. Its full of natural ingredients that really just gives the skin a healthy glow that I'm in much need of. I've been using the Neroli and Aloe cream that is meant to be restore the skin and make it look refreshed and I have no doubt that it does what it says on the tin. I throw this on while I'm brushing my teeth and let it sink in and within a few minutes I'm ready to throw on my foundation and start my day. The only thing I've a problem with is the smell its very strong and normally scents don't bother me but I do notice the smell on my face. Since Ive begun using this combo I have seen my skin getting better day by day, those dry spots I started to develop have disappeared. 

If you wanna hear the rest of my skin care routine then comment below and I can do more posts on my daily skincare routine.


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