Top 5 Christmas Hot Chocolates

November 23, 2016

So its no secret if you follow me on Instagram (olivianashblog) that you will know that I really have been loving this years Christmas hot chocolates and there have been a few that I have had taken quite a fancy too. I honestly think I've spent around €50 this month alone on hot chocolate which in a way is very worrying for my diet but never the less it was all for a good cause to find the prefect ones.
There is a coffee company that have blown my mind away with their amazing flavours and no this post is in no way sponsored by Costa. I'm gonna give you my top 5 starting with number 5 and making my way down.

5. ) I have heard a lot about how Insomnia hot chocolates are the best around, honestly I don't think so I think its a lot of milk and nothing much else but in saying that I recently tired there "Hot Angle" white hot chocolate I was blown away on how amazingly delicious it was. Now this is a bit of a cheat because its not apart of the Christmas menu but I feel its very Christmasy indeed. I am not fond of their Christmas hot chocolates this year, I really don't like the peanut butter one....really not a good choice.

4.)  Costa for me this year have just taken there flavours to a new level. I tired the mint hot chocolate out last week and I will admit I am a fan of anything mint this really did blow me away. It was the prefect amount of mint and chocolate and with whipped cream on top it was truly amazing. It also comes with a little candy cane so you have a treat for later.

3.) We all love a terry chocolate orange around Christmas, is it me or does orange and chocolate just work really well together? Well Costa have come up with a genius plan to mix them together into a cup of liquid goodness, didI mention they come in super cute Instagram worthy pictures? 

2.) Okay so Costa had the amazing idea of making toasted marshmallows an actual hot chocolate you heard it here people!! I tired it, I loved it! It has a very very sweet taste to it so if you had a sweet tooth this is right up your street, oh also did I mention that they top it off with glitter marshmallows? Is that enough for you to run to your local Costa?

1.) Okay Okay so its very clear if you follow me on Twitter (olivianashblog) that I have been hitting Costa up every single day to see if they have it in stock. Yes you heard me correct this hot chocolate is so popular it actually goes out of stock!!!
Can I have a drum roll please.....LINT 
Yes you heard me correct Lint has been made into a cup of hot chocolate and its as amazing as it sounds, yes it is in small cup but thats just because it is so rich that you could only drink a small amount of it. I have called Costas in town to see if they have it in stock thats how in love I am with it. Trust me Costa have been slaying it with there Christmas campaign and man I am in love with the vibes they are giving this season.

I wanna know what your favourite hot chocolate is, comment below I wanna know what you will drinking over the next few weeks to get in the Christmas mood.


  1. I have not tried Costa in such a long time! Will definitely pick up one of their hot chocolates as they sound delicious :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes | Giveaway

  2. I seriously recommend the lint one if they have it in stock! Its amazing trust me x


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