Why You Should Tone Your Face

November 28, 2016

If your like me and have ignored every time someone told me to tone my face well take it from me stop and listen. I never understood the reasoning behide toning your skin I thought after you had cleansed it would just have been enough....well I was wrong. Around two months ago a girl in work convinced me to start using Witch Hazel and Rose Water as a toner after I had been complaining about how my skin was acting out. I tired it, sure it only cost me less four euro and well wow the difference has been amazing. I cleanse my skin and then go over my face with a cotton pad soaked in this stuff and it removes all the dirt that I didn't clean off....I was shocked to see that I actually wasn't fully cleaning my face and leaving dirt there over night. Like I use a cream cleanser and then a face wash.....so I thought I was doing a good job but clearly not. I did a bit of research and witch hazel is great to clean problem skin and tackle oily skin which is something I have been suffering with lately and with the rose water which is meant to rebalance the skin, Its been a prefect combo. 

This little gem can be picked up in any local pharmacy for under five euro. If your like me and struggling with your skin even though your cleaning it every night then I would seriously think of investing in a toner, the difference it has made to my skin is unreal and I am never going back.

Comment below if you have been using any toners that have been working wonders, I'm on the look out to try some news ones.

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