Zovea Cocoa Blend Palette - Review

November 14, 2016

So for the last few weeks Ive been pondering over buying a new eyeshadow palette, I never really do my eyes other then with a bit of eyeliner but lately I've wanted to expand that. Ive been watching so my YouTube videos of tutorials with amazing eyes that I want to try myself but when I look to my makeup collection I really don't have a palette that I could use. So I started doing some research and the first thing that I fell in love with the Morphe palettes the shades are incredible and the range of colours are just amazing but its big and I do a lot traveling and don't have enough room to be bringing around a huge palette with me. Then I remember a few months back I couldn't watch a video on YouTube without hearing about the Zovea Cocoa Blends palette so I looked it up and they had it on Beauty Bay, happy days right? The moment my eyes looked at the swatches I just couldn't stop myself from ordering and within moments it was ordered. It cost €21.50 and once you spend over €19 you receive free shipping not bad right? So €21.50 for ten shades working out at just €2.15 per shadow, after one week of dispatch it arrived at my house at 9am. I wasn't in college till 2pm but when I heard the post man I jumped out of bed grabbed the package and retreated back to bed! I couldn't help myself rubbing my fingers in all the shades to get how they felt and yes they were buttery (what ever that means) After that I deiced to try them out on my eyes and WOW where they pigmented and they blended so well, honestly I didn't know eyeshadows could be this good. I have never been excited about eyeshadow but now every night I sit in bed thinking of what look I'll wear tomorrow. The mixture between matt and shimmer shades is perfect and I think they shades match my skin tone perfectly. 

All and all I think this palette is amazing, it offers a range of shades with a mixture of matts and shimmers that blend beautifully and will leave you with any look that you are trying to achieve!
I hope to have a video up on my channel of a look using this palette in the next few weeks so don't forget to subscribe to me so you don't miss out on that!


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